Blog 3 : Fail Patch of Fiesta Online

Oh how the Sucky Patch of the Fiesta Online Fail to the Great Heart Of the Fans. The New ” Wedding Quest” and New Suff Fail the Fan of the Game why, Well Here Im Goina Say , Why they Patch in it, Well First the List Will Be Below This Word…

Fiesta 1.2.95
► Increased Quest EXP and Rewards for levels 1-30. You can now level from 1 – 30 by only doing quests!
► New Quest: WiLDFiRe’s Wedding Woes – Mine and gather to find Isya Blossoms. Compete to win a Pegasus by completing as many wedding quests as possible! Visit Vietree in Roumen to begin the quest.
▪ Quest Reward: Fireworks(Stack of 10)
► Added: New Quest Markers on NPC and Maps to help aid you on your journeys.
▪ Red “Q” = New Quest
▪ Green “Q” = Quest in progress
▪ Blue “Q” = Turn in Quest

Maps and Dungeons
► New Map: Dark Passage I – Located below Uruga
► New Map: Dark Passage II – Located below Uruga
► New Dungeon: Tomb of Helga – Boss Raid for all levels. But beware as this is not for the weak. Gate located in Forest of Slumber.
▪ Boss drops items

► Added: Abysmal Cave – Level 20-29 Battle Field located in Elderine.
► Added: Relic of the Abyss – Level 70-79 Battle Field located in Uruga.
► 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 Battle Field now located in Elderine.
► 60-69 Battle Field now located in Uruga.
► Chatting is enabled in Battle Field.
► Party is now enabled in Free Battle Zone II and III.

Kingdom Quest
► New KQ: Lost Mini Dragon (Hardcore) – Hardcore version of the Lost Mini Dragon KQ. As of right now, level restriction is currently 46-60. This is under review.
► Added: 2 more Gold Hill Slots.
► Added: 1 more Giant Honeying Slot.

Please report any skill bugs via Forum Private Messaging to Fiesta_Help.
► Mage
▪ Fixed: Lightning Bolt Skill – Skill no longer cancels Bone Shot’s Bleed De-buff.
▪ Fixed: Drain Mind Skill – Drain Mind [01] = 3 seconds effect. [02] = 4 seconds effect.
▪ Fixed: Purge Skill – Description fixed. Skill removes “first” buff.
► Cleric
▪ Added: Heal – Healing power will increase when empowered.
▪ Fixed: Invincible – Description now shows effect duration. (10 Seconds)

User Interface
► Fixed: Text bleeding on Guild Creation window.
► Added: Tip – Message appears at level 20 informing the user to begin his promotion quest.

World Environment
► Fixed: Mob name Archon Juinor to Archon Junior.
► Fixed: Relic of the Abyss NPC Facing wrong direction.

► Fixed: Issue with Raccoon (30 Days) Item will return after maintenance is complete.

Other Bug Fixes
► Fixed: Image issue on initial loading screen.
► Fixed: Issue with Vendor Shop when switching mini-houses. Users were unable to view items for sale.
► Fixed: Issue with user attacking another user while in Vendor mode.
► Fixed: Issue with chat box when holding down the spacebar, client kicks user out of game.
► Fixed: Issue where window freezes when using storage and any cash shop box simultaneously.

– Outspark Staff

Ok So i point out i think Fail

▪ Red “Q” = New Quest
▪ Green “Q” = Quest in progress
▪ Blue “Q” = Turn in Quest

Missing Item in a player Bag

Glitch On the Wall

Missing Item

Store Item Missing

Sorry but the Game Just Fail on there Patch, No SH** so yeah


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