Florenisa MMORPG Game Review

July 24, 2008

Well for the time i get to play it, Haven’t and Mabe After this Post, I have PLay the game and talk to the worker too ( Bootleg and Ect) which was coolest thing ever, he very nice person. Well i play the Game Love the graphic. i seen it has a very good battle and there ship battle, ooooooooh that was FUN so here my Rate.

Graphic 9/10
Sound : 8/10
Battle : 9/10
Skill 7/10
Shop 9/10
Ship/Fishing 8/10

Total Rate : 9.4 Out of 10


Bye Bye Character darkight

July 21, 2008

Yes A good Bye to my character darkight With all his Friend and guild he was, my character is Now Gone for good, Reason was I didn’t want to keep going with that name so that why i made Dark_knight which is Lot Better then Main.

This is A Old Old Pic, i forgot to take pic of my lv 30

Fiesta Online : Boss Event ( the Begin)

July 21, 2008

Fiesta Online : Boss Event ( the Begin)

July 18,2008

Dark Pysic Theme ( Short Verson)

July 21, 2008

Here a New Theme with only 17 Sec so its Better then the 30 sec.

Fiesta Online : Elderine Walk Glitch

July 21, 2008

YAY a glitch i finaly got on video so enjoy and the funny POTC song.

Fiesta Online Tv : episode 1 : New Begin

July 21, 2008

Welcome to the First Episode of Fiesta Online Tv. I Show you How to Use Fiesta Online Tip and Tricks.

Fiesta Online – Kingdom Quest – Gold Hill Adventure Part 1

July 21, 2008

I was Bored and go do some kingdom Quest and this One was Success Kigdom Quest, This will be a 3 Part Clip so Enjoy.