Log In Problem

August 29, 2008

It Seem i cant log into the game, I check my email and i have No e-mail say im banned or anything, this is getting odd, i try 5 try and see if i can get it working again and still the same, i restart my computer and i think something wrong with there sever , Is Anyone Else haveing Log in Problem At the Moment ?


Think there Stronger In Pvp then ANyone

August 29, 2008

Well i thought today was a good day, i wake in a good and play the game with no problem un till around 8:000 this idiot player attack me in Aybs ( im lv 38) and kill me when i was Afk, I was Piss because he beat me when i was Afk and think he was the Best. I Hate these F*** noob like this, all because he build end i don’t Give a S*** about it.

Get Married in Fiesta and Win! …A Toaster?!

August 25, 2008

There’s no better way to wish a pair of newlyweds luck in their new life together than to present them with a shiny new chrome toaster. To celebrate the release of Fiesta’s new player wedding feature, Outspark will be giving away two real life toasters each week for the next five weeks. Every couple that ties the virtual knot in the free MMORPG will automatically be entered for a chance to win a toaster signed by the Outspark staff. Additionally, players that participated in last week’s [URL=”http://fiesta.outspark.com/news/?view=events&document_srl=2081″%5DWedding Costume presale[/URL] qualify to win one of four separate toasters. That’s a total of 14 toasters!

Outspark will begin announcing winners later this week, so players should keep their eyes peeled to their email and the Fiesta website to see if they’ll be toasting in style. For more details, visit the official Click here now or check out the Fiesta wedding guide

My Word

WHAt a toaster ? AWWWW Me Whant Monney , Lots Of Money * laugh Evil* MAHAHAHA * cough hard* but yeah why they giveing out just toaster that just soo odd, that happen irl Wedding too, i guest that there Idea.

Mahaha Im Back

August 18, 2008

Yes I been Gone For 7 week because i feel i wasn’t good enough to keep going with all the hate of the game but now im back on a better game then i was on * cough* Florensia* Cough * haha im kidding