Zero Online ( kinda Review)

Well i was stop playing fiesta because well not for any hate in the game but i just wanted to try a Another game so i can put video on my Youtube Name, I try zero online because i saw a Video of it and it Look Wicked so it took me a hour and 30 min to download ( good old T1 Connection) well the begin in the game i didn’t know what the heck i was doing, So Anyway i Have look up Walk-thur and Finally get to know how to play the game , i started this game till i was sleepy and got my character to lv 36 ( i think about mabe 7 hour or so) and this game get sooo fun, I feel the Energy of begin a Space Fighter ( or Shooter which i am) kind like the Amine, Gundam Wings * laugh* but yeah its a Fun game. soon ir make video of Fiesta Online and Zero Online.

My Review

Game : 8/10
sound: 8/10
Graphic 7/10
game Control : 7/10



YAy Here Me in the Pic, Stupid Fraps with one as you can tell by the right up of the Pic, Grr i thought i turn it off.


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