Idea for the game ( Bored)

Idea for Fiesta Online Game


I Think We Need More Maps, Like a Lv 40 – 50 Maps Call Hell Gate, It would be Monster that look like Demon And Monster.

Eld Battle Arena

Eld Pvp Battle Arena, The Arena Doesn’t Have Much people go to it Unless there is A Event, I was thinking there be Like Pvp Team tournaments Or 4 vs 4. there Otter Cool Idea is to Have a tournaments Point and Ranks On the Game.

Pvp Point and a Battle Arena

There Should Be Just One map like Pvp or have a Outside Battle Arena. They Should Have Like a 1vs1 Battle Areas and who ever win get 10 Point. and When People get Enough Point can get Tittle on the game .

Player Killer Begin 20
Player Killer Advance 50
Player Killer Bad A@@ 200
Godly Pk Killer 800
ultimate Pk killer 1000
No Soul Killer 15000

More Map Music

Well i all ways go to a maps and play the same Music, I think Outspark need to Think More of a good Idea with More Music to the map then Using the same One Over and Over.

Wedding Quest

The Idea Of the wedding Quest Would Be cool, Like After the Wedding there could be the time Limit Like 50 min and who ever at the Party Earn Exp killing Monster on like a Wedding Map or something like attacking Honey that look like Birthday cake.


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