New Blog Head Image and Fiesta User Update

October 30, 2008

As you can tell I have Now Upload of my banner and update my Fiesta Online User Update. Now it Up to Date Blog So enjoy Reading My Blog, Thanks you who Sub to me.


Fiesta Online World ( Video Steams)

October 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, I have Made My Own Video Steam Site By , Im here to say I have Now made My Own Fiesta online Video Steam. you can sign up and upload your own video of fiesta to the site, any bad one like porn or suff i will erase and do it again will be delet membership and banned , Yeah i know that sound boogest . Here is the website, i give you 2 links, The main site and the Reg site so Enjoy

New Battle Arena/Event

October 29, 2008

Passage of the Abyss  is Wicked and Soo Cool, but the bad thing is you will Lose Exp when you get kill by a player. So Anyway the new event is cool and the battle arena at Passage of the Abyss  is very cool and wicked.The Event Is ok but it take forever to earn all the 50 item to get the Lantern Soul.

Hell’s Kitchen Ds Game Reviews

October 27, 2008

Hell’s Kitchen Ds Reviews
About the game :
Take on the role of an aspiring chef working under the withering gaze of chef Gordon Ramsay in this game inspired by the TV show, featuring unlockable recipes.
My Reviews

This Game I got About Weds and When I play it and it was fun. I dont know why people say it look Dumb or stupid, the whole game is around the tv show Hell’s Kichen . the game is hard and get the Heard Ramsay Call you A Donkey Or Beep you Out, The game Have Rough Challenges to complete the Dish and Sever the People In Hell Kicten. This game let you see Ramsay Famous Dish he Make ( which is in his Book too) of his famous dish in his Restarunt.This game is turely fun and not Dumbs so here my Rate.

Game : 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Skill : 8/10
Funnes : 8/10
Ful lRate 8.6/10

Saint Row 2 Game review

October 27, 2008

Well i went to My Friend House and Try Out this game on his X-box 360 since I don’t have one. The Game was really fun and i like to steal motorcycle,car,Police Car.This Game is Very Fun. The problem i have in the game was the car driveling. i mean it fun to crash the car but dang i hate when i have problem driveling the car in the game. I give this game a good review since It was fun.

Graphic : 8/10

sound: 8/10

Driving : 6/10

PLaying : 9/10

Fiesta Online Weekley InGame News Vo1.Chapter 1

October 24, 2008

Made By Darkpysic

Hello Fiesta Player, On the 17 of Oct Teva Have went down approximately 75 minutes. This maintenance the game  to fix the Guild Storage bug in the game as it soon back up again for player to play. On Oct 21, New Hat , Cat Ear Are Now begin Sold at the Fiesta Store. Next Week Is Halloween So Get Ready For All them Yummy Candy your hand will get on and the Tummy pain.Today in fiesta Another Rough Battle for the Teva Sever as they Vs Mini and Cursed Knight Lord and Much More as everyone Fight to kill the Gm Kenny Monster.That all I have to right So  Everyone Have a Great Halloween and Don’t get Much Tummy Pain from all the yummy candy ( beside the sucky candy BLAAAAH )

( here the Clip of the event and look its Gm Kenny in the pic, How lucky to get a snapshot of him.


50 Way to make your Blog Popular

October 24, 2008

Here is a list of some very creative ways which can help you make your blog popular. If not popular, at least it will give you some ideas of what to post on your blog if you are running out of topics to write about.

1. Start a controversy. Just remember not to cross the line.
2. Start a contest. Make sure to end it too.
3. Give away free goodies. People love them.
4. Write about other bloggers to interest their visitors to read your blog. Keep it positive.
5. Dress up your blog often (By dress-up I mean tweaking the design)
6. Interview other bloggers and post the interview.
7. Write about your personal life sometimes.
8. Ask questions to your visitors.
9. Share some secrets.
10. Celebrate your birthday with your visitors. Think of innovative ways for doing this.
11. Celebrate your blog’s birthday too.
12. Write something funny or disgusting. (Don’t make it a habit)
13. Make a bumper sticker with your blog’s name and stick it on your car. (Just make sure you drive often)
14. Write an e-book and distribute it to your visitors for free.
15. Introduce a commission based affiliate program.
16. Tell your visitors about your latest fad or obsession.
17. Post interesting pictures of your pets.
18. Congratulate the top commentators occasionally.
19. Encourage sharing of opinions.
20. Donate for a cause or become a volunteer for a non-profit organization. Ask your visitors to join you.
21. Put your blog’s ad in the local newspaper or the yellow pages.
22. Hold blog competitions.
23. Create polls.
24. Hold an auction and let people bid for something useful (For example, advertising space on your blog).
25. Write about your blog achievements.

26. Share your hopes and aspirations about your blog.
27. Start an award distribution system.
28. Make contact with your local visitors and hold a get-together or a bloggers’ meet.
29. Start a blog comic strip.
30. Dig up some old article that you wrote on your blog which became famous and start a discussion.
31. Try and get a photograph clicked with a real celebrity and post it on your blog. (Hold on Tiger..don’t rush to that Photoshop button!)
32. Post videos that will help your visitors learn something new. Also submit them to video sharing websites like
33. Write about your hobbies and interests. (For example, if you like cooking, post a new recipe)
34. Post about one of the weirdest thing that you ever did.
35. Get featured in a print magazine.
36. Buy a paid review from any famous blogger(s).
37. Brand your blog with a catch phrase along with a logo.
38. Distribute T-shirts or merchandise with your blog name on it.
39. Join Yahoo! Answers and put a link on your website to your answers.
40. Keep a track of websites that pick up your articles or press releases. Offer them exclusive news or content.
41. Do surveys and publish the results to your visitors.
42. Build tools that your visitors might find use for.
43. Start a newsletter.
44. Podcasting is another good way to make your blog popular.
45. Publicize your blog to your friends and relatives and let them do some work for you.
46. Be active in Social Bookmarking websites.
47. Share Link Love and you will get it back.
48. People like to read about Web 2.0. Write about it.
49. Write about something that’s already famous.
50. Last but not the least, be yourself.