Problem with People In game

Last night I Join My Friend Guild With My Mule since my Main Is His Own Guild, This Otter Admin on it Ask Me Question to say like Why i quit the guild while in a Guild War and otter Stupid Stuff. The Most Thing He Piss me off Was he say” Sorry Mr Dark you cant be in this guild. Then He Banned Me On my Mule. I was Piss and Told the Owner who is a friend About it and she say im not Active i mean WTF that Piss Me Off.He shouldn’t ask me Personal Question about Why i Quit the guild before this. The Otter thing i have problem in the game was i had 12 member last night and when i log in there was Only one Admin and Me so i know it was him so I Banned him off my guild so nooo i have to re Look again * stomp in a angry day* I hate this F*** day!!!!


One Response to Problem with People In game

  1. anonymous says:

    maybe it wasnt the admins fault. maybe ur other members just quit.

    and y are u making admins that u dont trust neway?

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