My New Psp I Just Got

Well when i was at the game store, i seen the psp was 200 buck with memory stick,a game and a Movie i thought was a good price sooo hehe I buy it with the money i been saveing to get a ps3 or x–box 365 but naaah this was the best price i seen so i buy it and one game. lucky i can listen to music ( mostly j-pop) oh and i do have skype so if you have a username i can mabe talk on it, or just type Lol. Plus I got a wicked Background ( Post it after few comment if there is Any)

Sony PSP Limited Edition Ratchet & Clank Entertainment Pack

Show off your games, videos and pictures on silver PSP with dazzling, all-new, enhanced screen! Entertainment Pack includes the new Mystic Silver PSP System, Ratchet & Clank game, National Treasure 2 movie, 1GB Memory Stick Duo and Echochrome game download voucher. Play thrilling games, movies, music, connect to the Internet, watch live TV, communicate with Skype, jam to Internet radio and more!

Dazzling, all-new, enhanced PSP screen
Lighter, slimmer, Mystic Silver PSP
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters UMD game
National Treasure 2 UMD movie
PlayStation Network game download voucher for echochrome
1GB Memory Stick Duo
Play games, movies, music and more


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