Fiesta Online Jounal Part 1

Today I been Trying to Lv Up to My Level 50 which is not easy doing solo, i have finally kill GGk in Peak, I been Having Problem getting a good Success I mean the Mean Giant Honeying Is a Really Hard Kq to get a True Success in the freaking game. I mean its soo hard that when you get up there it take like over 12 or more and you get Only 30 min time limit in the kq which is Stupid, It should be 1 hour so it be easy for player to get a good Success in the kingdom quest. But anyway in other thing i been trying to lv as i was trying to type and changes the subject, he he sorry i have to make 400k lv to get to lv 50 which is hard because the monster i kill give me only 800 exp or more so it make it harder for me to lv and kingdom quest was a good idea but i don’t want to do mini dragon which kill me with one Hit unless i got a good Buff.


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