AruaRose Gm Power Abuse

I have Just Post One thing on the forums About How i Like the Game and Dislike and after 30 min i get Inslut By these Ass hole In the forums and the worker Doesn’t Help like : Ok no More Makeing Fun, But he Just becase he say : You can give criticism yet you can’t take it.Nice. then after my post he Banned Me from the Game For No reasion, I think that Is Power Abuse In the Game. So I have Report him to the Admin about HIs Power Abuse and Hope someday i be back in the game or go back playing fiesta again.


3 Responses to AruaRose Gm Power Abuse

  1. hakert23 says:

    all GM of aruarose i hope my character was don’t vanned any more

  2. hakert23 says:

    mga potang ina n’yo

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