Top 4 thing Idea For Fiesta

you know this Really Suck that the Blocker on the game doesn’t even stay block, they should made the them more easily like blocking and unblock page and with a Report button on it too which make it easy for player to block any player they don’t wanna talk or the anyone Bots we have in the Bloody game. Rep if you like the Idea and this time guy don’t be rude like before.


As Always People Say the Lagging Kill them So easy in the game, That is true . I mean No One Like the Lagging in the game . it make some player computer to crash Like Heck. Some computer don’t like the lag and some well as i already say “” crash and Burn like a Over Cook mm yummy )

More Kingdom Quest

Ah , i watch and Put Some the video on my youtube of the Cool Bright kingdom and i saw some that has cool monster and more quest in the game. I think we need more kq game which can be more fun like King of the hills or Over Kill ( who kill the most in the game win)


For a long time I never see any fun event for everyone, you need to stop doing the same one and Make it More fun and more to all player can get in and help out fight a monster, because only some will do the event and when they do the find the gm some player never get one because there Mount are the Horse which is slow and the dragon mount are really fast.Make it more fun

Mount Motorcycle ?

Mahala i think it be cool if they have mount that look like a machine motorcycle which that be breaking Cool, look like a Bad A** player * laugh hard.


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