Havent Post Like Forever

February 20, 2009

I been Playing Rose online for a Long time Since I quit Fiesta. My Character On Rose Online Is Now Lv 77 I have lv faster then fiesta. I will still Not Return to Fiesta Fan Or Fiesta Online but Sometime to show my friend my old character Well Any Point I have Been Busy as All ways Helping People out in the game *laugh* yeah right. I been Mostly Doing Game Review On my 1.Up Username DaMonkey Attack and playing Rose Online. It seem i got Addictive to Rose Online More Then Fiesta So im sorry to say im changes this Blog Into a Video Game Cricits/Rose Online/Fiesta Blog to my taste i whont Be Posting anymore Fiesta Online Info of Playing the game so i have to changes Some Info on my Youtube Name and My Keyword will Be changes To ( Old forgot Therad ) Post. I do have the Youtube name for Damonkey attack … then again that for me playing Just video game which is kinda Bordering. But Anyway that i will be posting Stuff about Rose online for No on. Thanks for Reading and Hope you can still Read my post here still.


Now playing ROSE Online Evolution

February 3, 2009

Well i have finally give up thinking going back to fiesta online because of the Boredness. I have been playing Rose online for 3 week and got my character up to lv 5X. It seem i got hook on this good game. It make me think it more fun and good lv system they have in the game. The problem i had on fiesta was it lving to lv 53 take hour and hour and bloody time and my life. The problem with there lv system is crappy. Anyway i’m still gonna put video on my YouTube name as i always do this time some rose Online video or guild ( aka Clan in the game) to play. Well Wish Me luck and See some you player in the