Havent Post Like Forever

I been Playing Rose online for a Long time Since I quit Fiesta. My Character On Rose Online Is Now Lv 77 I have lv faster then fiesta. I will still Not Return to Fiesta Fan Or Fiesta Online but Sometime to show my friend my old character Well Any Point I have Been Busy as All ways Helping People out in the game *laugh* yeah right. I been Mostly Doing Game Review On my 1.Up Username DaMonkey Attack and playing Rose Online. It seem i got Addictive to Rose Online More Then Fiesta So im sorry to say im changes this Blog Into a Video Game Cricits/Rose Online/Fiesta Blog to my taste i whont Be Posting anymore Fiesta Online Info of Playing the game so i have to changes Some Info on my Youtube Name and My Keyword will Be changes To ( Old forgot Therad ) Post. I do have the Youtube name for Damonkey attack … then again that for me playing Just video game which is kinda Bordering. But Anyway that i will be posting Stuff about Rose online for No on. Thanks for Reading and Hope you can still Read my post here still.


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