Hell’s Kitchen Ds Game Reviews

October 27, 2008

Hell’s Kitchen Ds Reviews
About the game :
Take on the role of an aspiring chef working under the withering gaze of chef Gordon Ramsay in this game inspired by the TV show, featuring unlockable recipes.
My Reviews

This Game I got About Weds and When I play it and it was fun. I dont know why people say it look Dumb or stupid, the whole game is around the tv show Hell’s Kichen . the game is hard and get the Heard Ramsay Call you A Donkey Or Beep you Out, The game Have Rough Challenges to complete the Dish and Sever the People In Hell Kicten. This game let you see Ramsay Famous Dish he Make ( which is in his Book too) of his famous dish in his Restarunt.This game is turely fun and not Dumbs so here my Rate.

Game : 8/10
Sound: 9/10
Skill : 8/10
Funnes : 8/10
Ful lRate 8.6/10


Saint Row 2 Game review

October 27, 2008

Well i went to My Friend House and Try Out this game on his X-box 360 since I don’t have one. The Game was really fun and i like to steal motorcycle,car,Police Car.This Game is Very Fun. The problem i have in the game was the car driveling. i mean it fun to crash the car but dang i hate when i have problem driveling the car in the game. I give this game a good review since It was fun.

Graphic : 8/10

sound: 8/10

Driving : 6/10

PLaying : 9/10