Zero Online ( kinda Review)

September 4, 2008

Well i was stop playing fiesta because well not for any hate in the game but i just wanted to try a Another game so i can put video on my Youtube Name, I try zero online because i saw a Video of it and it Look Wicked so it took me a hour and 30 min to download ( good old T1 Connection) well the begin in the game i didn’t know what the heck i was doing, So Anyway i Have look up Walk-thur and Finally get to know how to play the game , i started this game till i was sleepy and got my character to lv 36 ( i think about mabe 7 hour or so) and this game get sooo fun, I feel the Energy of begin a Space Fighter ( or Shooter which i am) kind like the Amine, Gundam Wings * laugh* but yeah its a Fun game. soon ir make video of Fiesta Online and Zero Online.

My Review

Game : 8/10
sound: 8/10
Graphic 7/10
game Control : 7/10



YAy Here Me in the Pic, Stupid Fraps with one as you can tell by the right up of the Pic, Grr i thought i turn it off.


The New Sever

September 1, 2008

Wow this is a shock i have to say it Suck Donkey N*** , I Thought it was Going Be like 200 Better then But NOOOOO i bet it just they got it for a good price which mean we get more lagging, I do miss the old sever, that one was Less lagging and lot better then this New C*** version. I hope they fix this or i will  Defieny quit the game again for this reasion, its just Suck Bad, even when you fight a monster you don’t know you wining because of the lagging.

Florenisa MMORPG Game Review

July 24, 2008

Well for the time i get to play it, Haven’t and Mabe After this Post, I have PLay the game and talk to the worker too ( Bootleg and Ect) which was coolest thing ever, he very nice person. Well i play the Game Love the graphic. i seen it has a very good battle and there ship battle, ooooooooh that was FUN so here my Rate.

Graphic 9/10
Sound : 8/10
Battle : 9/10
Skill 7/10
Shop 9/10
Ship/Fishing 8/10

Total Rate : 9.4 Out of 10

[Outspark] June 9th Update

June 10, 2008

Hello Fiesta Players,

Fiesta will come down for a patch at 10:00 pm (PDT). The update is expected to last for approximately 3 hours. Please review the patch notes below to see what’s to come!

Fiesta 1.2.95
► Increased Quest EXP and Rewards for levels 1-30. You can now level from 1 – 30 by only doing quests!
► New Quest: WiLDFiRe’s Wedding Woes – Mine and gather to find Isya Blossoms. Compete to win a Pegasus by completing as many wedding quests as possible! Visit Vietree in Roumen to begin the quest.
▪ Quest Reward: Fireworks(Stack of 10)
► Added: New Quest Markers on NPC and Maps to help aid you on your journeys.
▪ Red “Q” = New Quest
▪ Green “Q” = Quest in progress
▪ Blue “Q” = Turn in Quest

Maps and Dungeons
► New Map: Dark Passage I – Located below Uruga
► New Map: Dark Passage II – Located below Uruga
► New Dungeon: Tomb of Helga – Boss Raid for all levels. But beware as this is not for the weak. Gate located in Forest of Slumber.
▪ Boss drops items

► Added: Abysmal Cave – Level 20-29 Battle Field located in Elderine.
► Added: Relic of the Abyss – Level 70-79 Battle Field located in Uruga.
► 30-39, 40-49, 50-59 Battle Field now located in Elderine.
► 60-69 Battle Field now located in Uruga.
► Chatting is enabled in Battle Field.
► Party is now enabled in Free Battle Zone II and III.

Kingdom Quest
► New KQ: Lost Mini Dragon (Hardcore) – Hardcore version of the Lost Mini Dragon KQ. As of right now, level restriction is currently 46-60. This is under review.
► Added: 2 more Gold Hill Slots.
► Added: 1 more Giant Honeying Slot.

Please report any skill bugs via Forum Private Messaging to Fiesta_Help.
► Mage
▪ Fixed: Lightning Bolt Skill – Skill no longer cancels Bone Shot’s Bleed De-buff.
▪ Fixed: Drain Mind Skill – Drain Mind [01] = 3 seconds effect. [02] = 4 seconds effect.
▪ Fixed: Purge Skill – Description fixed. Skill removes “first” buff.
► Cleric
▪ Added: Heal – Healing power will increase when empowered.
▪ Fixed: Invincible – Description now shows effect duration. (10 Seconds)

User Interface
► Fixed: Text bleeding on Guild Creation window.
► Added: Tip – Message appears at level 20 informing the user to begin his promotion quest.

World Environment
► Fixed: Mob name Archon Juinor to Archon Junior.
► Fixed: Relic of the Abyss NPC Facing wrong direction.

► Fixed: Issue with Raccoon (30 Days) Item will return after maintenance is complete.

Other Bug Fixes
► Fixed: Image issue on initial loading screen.
► Fixed: Issue with Vendor Shop when switching mini-houses. Users were unable to view items for sale.
► Fixed: Issue with user attacking another user while in Vendor mode.
► Fixed: Issue with chat box when holding down the spacebar, client kicks user out of game.
► Fixed: Issue where window freezes when using storage and any cash shop box simultaneously.

– Outspark Staff

Inside : Fiesta Online Game : Roumen

June 3, 2008

Inside the Town of the Roumen in Fiesta Online

Inside : Fiesta Online Game : Pk PLaying

June 3, 2008

3:00 Pm is when there Was Pker so here it is, Some are A** so yeah