New Blog Head Image and Fiesta User Update

October 30, 2008

As you can tell I have Now Upload of my banner and update my Fiesta Online User Update. Now it Up to Date Blog So enjoy Reading My Blog, Thanks you who Sub to me.


Fiesta Online World ( Video Steams)

October 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, I have Made My Own Video Steam Site By , Im here to say I have Now made My Own Fiesta online Video Steam. you can sign up and upload your own video of fiesta to the site, any bad one like porn or suff i will erase and do it again will be delet membership and banned , Yeah i know that sound boogest . Here is the website, i give you 2 links, The main site and the Reg site so Enjoy

New Battle Arena/Event

October 29, 2008

Passage of the Abyss  is Wicked and Soo Cool, but the bad thing is you will Lose Exp when you get kill by a player. So Anyway the new event is cool and the battle arena at Passage of the Abyss  is very cool and wicked.The Event Is ok but it take forever to earn all the 50 item to get the Lantern Soul.

Fiesta Online Weekley InGame News Vo1.Chapter 1

October 24, 2008

Made By Darkpysic

Hello Fiesta Player, On the 17 of Oct Teva Have went down approximately 75 minutes. This maintenance the game  to fix the Guild Storage bug in the game as it soon back up again for player to play. On Oct 21, New Hat , Cat Ear Are Now begin Sold at the Fiesta Store. Next Week Is Halloween So Get Ready For All them Yummy Candy your hand will get on and the Tummy pain.Today in fiesta Another Rough Battle for the Teva Sever as they Vs Mini and Cursed Knight Lord and Much More as everyone Fight to kill the Gm Kenny Monster.That all I have to right So  Everyone Have a Great Halloween and Don’t get Much Tummy Pain from all the yummy candy ( beside the sucky candy BLAAAAH )

( here the Clip of the event and look its Gm Kenny in the pic, How lucky to get a snapshot of him.


[ NOW Open ] DarkPysic Main Website

October 20, 2008

Yes I have Made A Web site, It Took Me 2 Hour To Make it But It come Out Kick A** ( sorry lmao) But yeah for 2 hour ago i say i wasn’t going make a web site Yet but i did. So Here Is My Web site and it still Begin work on and I got my own Rss Feed And it All Good So Enjoy.

Blog Problem

September 28, 2008

Well i guest the Blog of My Was Down for 2 days but Now it Back and 100% Lot better. I guest Word Pad Have Been Problem With them.

My X-Box 360 Profile and Bundle status

September 28, 2008

OK well here is my X-Box 360 Profile

And Now My Bundle Status

XBox 360 profile

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