Quit Fiesta Fan For A Reason

January 19, 2009

As people see in that forums i have post why i was leaveing it and got a warring which i dont give a **** about becase i have better thing to do then hearing A hole saying i have anger problem. Im not playing much fiesta becase my compture been crashing like heck to me but now it not and i dont feel like going to fiesta much… i dont know im goina do but yeah that what happening to me.


Top 4 thing Idea For Fiesta

December 27, 2008

you know this Really Suck that the Blocker on the game doesn’t even stay block, they should made the them more easily like blocking and unblock page and with a Report button on it too which make it easy for player to block any player they don’t wanna talk or the anyone Bots we have in the Bloody game. Rep if you like the Idea and this time guy don’t be rude like before.


As Always People Say the Lagging Kill them So easy in the game, That is true . I mean No One Like the Lagging in the game . it make some player computer to crash Like Heck. Some computer don’t like the lag and some well as i already say “” crash and Burn like a Over Cook turkey.mm mm yummy )

More Kingdom Quest

Ah , i watch and Put Some the video on my youtube of the Cool Bright kingdom and i saw some that has cool monster and more quest in the game. I think we need more kq game which can be more fun like King of the hills or Over Kill ( who kill the most in the game win)


For a long time I never see any fun event for everyone, you need to stop doing the same one and Make it More fun and more to all player can get in and help out fight a monster, because only some will do the event and when they do the find the gm some player never get one because there Mount are the Horse which is slow and the dragon mount are really fast.Make it more fun

Mount Motorcycle ?

Mahala i think it be cool if they have mount that look like a machine motorcycle which that be breaking Cool, look like a Bad A** player * laugh hard.

Why I dont PLay Much Anymore

December 8, 2008

OK since people never ask me about why im not on, ok mostly Friend tell me why im not on much, the reason I don’t go on my main is Becase i have Lot Of Enemy and people who hate my bloody guts. as i count over lv 12 to lv 50 i been hated by 83 player and 25 guild in the past of begin in the teva sever, you can tell i been having problem with people calling me low life or a noob for a long time. i might play a another online game but i will play fiesta sometime or make a video for my you tube name which is darkpysic as you can just look it up. Thanks for Reading

Fiesta Online Jounal Part 1

November 20, 2008

Today I been Trying to Lv Up to My Level 50 which is not easy doing solo, i have finally kill GGk in Peak, I been Having Problem getting a good Success I mean the Mean Giant Honeying Is a Really Hard Kq to get a True Success in the freaking game. I mean its soo hard that when you get up there it take like over 12 or more and you get Only 30 min time limit in the kq which is Stupid, It should be 1 hour so it be easy for player to get a good Success in the kingdom quest. But anyway in other thing i been trying to lv as i was trying to type and changes the subject, he he sorry i have to make 400k lv to get to lv 50 which is hard because the monster i kill give me only 800 exp or more so it make it harder for me to lv and kingdom quest was a good idea but i don’t want to do mini dragon which kill me with one Hit unless i got a good Buff.

New Blog Head Image and Fiesta User Update

October 30, 2008

As you can tell I have Now Upload of my banner and update my Fiesta Online User Update. Now it Up to Date Blog So enjoy Reading My Blog, Thanks you who Sub to me.

Fiesta Online World ( Video Steams)

October 29, 2008

Hey Everyone, I have Made My Own Video Steam Site By magnify.net/ , Im here to say I have Now made My Own Fiesta online Video Steam. you can sign up and upload your own video of fiesta to the site, any bad one like porn or suff i will erase and do it again will be delet membership and banned , Yeah i know that sound boogest . Here is the website, i give you 2 links, The main site and the Reg site so Enjoy

New Battle Arena/Event

October 29, 2008

Passage of the Abyss  is Wicked and Soo Cool, but the bad thing is you will Lose Exp when you get kill by a player. So Anyway the new event is cool and the battle arena at Passage of the Abyss  is very cool and wicked.The Event Is ok but it take forever to earn all the 50 item to get the Lantern Soul.